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     Hallo Tatort Fans.Ich habe auch eine Frage zu der verwendeten Musik. Allerdings will ich wissen welche Musik am Anfang gespielt wird.Und zwar unter anderem in der Szene, in der der Titel “Heimatfront” eingeblendet wird. Diese Melodie wiederholte sich auch an ein paar anderen Stellen.Ich hoffe mir kann jemand weiterhelfen und das Lied ist keine eigene Komposition der ARD.Vielen Dank für eure Hilfe.

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     Dam, we got haters on the Report !!!!! he’s not done yet. Please wait everybody it might or could be and should be but he will be FULLBLOWN SOON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is just a warm up to get his head right and test the waters.

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     Keith – what you posted regarded the nature of the Ephesian heresy is a theory originally presented by the husband and wife team of Richard and Catherine Kroeger.The weakness is that argument is that the sources used to provide the information originated in the fourth century. It could very well be that was the nature of the heresy in Paul’s day, and it does make sense. The problem is we simply do not know for sure – the source is several hundred years removed from the time of Paul’s writing.

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     I noticed that one. You’d have to think that God singled you out for special treatment, or something!TerjeP, not sure floods to that degree are a good thing. In Central Queensland they are apt to bear special gifts, courtesy of open-cut mines pumping water plus sundry metals and toxins to try to clean out their mines.

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     Absolutely wonderful!!I don’t know, I think Toby did a great job. Ray’s just a blob of white anyway. LOLCan you imagine it if Kurtis had done instead?? he he he

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     I don’t know if the future of web conferencing will continue to advance and grow in numbers more than it already is, but it sure is exciting to think that this technology will some day become as common as the telephone. Let us not forget that cell phone usage was once a status symbol affordable only to wealthy people. Now it is so common teenagers make up a good percentage of cell phone users.

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     ach naja, wo bleibt der Autofahrer grundsätzlich immer stehen um Platz zu machen?1) AUF der Hügelkuppe2) IN der Kurve3) IN der Engstelleman gewöhnt sich so an alles

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     Haha don’t worry Alyssa there will be an OVERLOAD of photos on here when we finally get to adopt a dog. It’s a really exciting time and a huge step/responsibility to take on but we’re both ready and can’t wait!

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     He leído este excelente reportaje con mucho interés. Visité el Canal de Castilla hace un par de años y quedé sorprendido de su magnitud y buen estado de conservación. Sin embargo el Canal del Manzanares ha sido “olvidado” por estos pagos.Habría que hacer algo más para que los madrileños sepamos que el Manzanares intentó ser algo más que un “aprendiz de río”.¿Una loca carrera fluvial en su parte más navegable, en locos cacharros?Ya estoy deseando ver la II parte.Enhorabuena por esta excelente comparativa.

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